Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan 2017 juices and drinks

Ramadan Juice 2017 is an application that 
combines a large amount of recipes that help you prepare juices and instant drinks from fresh fruit to be served with special Ramadan breakfasts and all other occasions. We are pleased to put this app in your hands, which is compatible with most modern and old phones to help you provide the best juices and summer drinks to decorate the Ramadan table with the best and most delicious beverages and seasonal juices. May Allah accept from you and you to fast the month of Ramadan with more reward and reward and hope that you will send us your suggestions and recipes to add it to the application and do not spare us positive evaluation to encourage us to provide the best.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

New Daily Beauty Tips

Daily Bauty tips is the ideal application for those who want to take care of their beauty. Daily 

Bauty tips is there to take care of your body by giving you tips every day for the care of you hair 

your face your teeth your lips your nail your legs your eyes or your skin. Daily Beauty Tips will give

you tips every day by offering you simple effective recipe and all natural affait. You don't 

need harsh chemicals or tons of time to get shiny, healthy hair, and smoother skin . Follow our 

advice and you will see an improvement in your well being and your skin within a maximum period

 of 30 days.


PHOTO FRAMES is a very useful application for those who like to take souvenir pictures. With PHOTO FRAMES you can create photos for every occasion whether for a wedding anniversary or for your child's souvenir pictures.

 With a varied palette of high resolution frames you can save you memories pictures in a very nice design in your external SD card or share it with your family or friends.
All frames in this app are designed in very high resolution and not similar to any other app in Google Play store..

** Features:

- Simple to use.
- Several categories: wedding, child, simple, Christmas, love, flower and birthday ..
- More than 100 frames for any occasion.
- Zoumer and dezoumer wanted to position your photo in the frame
- Choose your photos directly from the gallery or use your camera
- Save your photo in the sd card and view it in the gallery
- Share your images in social networks FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITER
- Share your images with your family or friends by SMS or EMAIL
- Set your photo as your phone's background image
- Totally FREE.
To express your love to someone there is no better than a beautiful picture with hearts that surround the one we cherish so much and PHOTO FRAME EVENT is there to help you make the right choice for every occasion.

We are more than happy to hear from you of any suggestions or feedback that you have or you want to just say hi. Do write to us.
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Monday, February 6, 2017

Uninstaller App

! Download “Uninstaller App”, one the best and fast uninstaller app available on Google Play.
There are so many apps available on Google Play and it’s very easy to install them on your device. Because of that many apps it is very likely to have tons of them installed on your device and end up running out of space. That’s where you need “Uninstaller App”, because it is tough to find those unwanted apps on different pages. We recommend you the easy way, the “Uninstaller App”. This fast uninstaller app allows you to remove several apps at once.
Key Features:
• User friendly interface and simple graphics used
• Universal app, to install on any Android device including tabs
• Light weight app
• One tap fast uninstaller
• Displays app name, version and size

Uninstalling unwanted apps was not that easy before this fast uninstaller app remover! It’s a must have app on your Android device if you are fed-up with unwanted apps on your device. It will help you to carefully and intelligently remove the unnecessary apps from your phone and get you some free space. Download “Uninstaller App” right now.

Please leave us a rating and review to let us know what you think about this easy uninstaller app remover. We’ll use your feedback to make changes and improve your experience when you use the app next time. Thanks!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

jetpack games

How far can you go with JetPack? Fly to avoid obstacles using the JetPack. The game "Jetpack games" is an adventurous game with lots of challenges and obstacles. The Jetpack game is very simple to play with intuitive controls but not so easy to achieve high score and be on the top of the leaderboard. Just tap on the screen to use the Jetpack and avoid obstacles that are placed both on top and bottom. Maintain the right balance of using the Jetpack so that its neither too high nor too low. Moreover apart from the obstacles there are enemies firing the bullets on your way. Put on all your gaming skills to excel the gaming world.
"Jetpack games " comes with well built 3D graphics and sound effects. Along with the game also has it own store where you can buy power boosters to help complete the levels like magnet, bomb and other items. Keep collecting the coins and upgrade the character to your favorite character with extra skills and boosters. You will love playing the game.! The game is designed for players from all age groups kids to teens to adults. You can also choose to change the background as per your choice and enjoy the adventure of various gaming environment.
Play the game and check out how far you can reach.! Buy the power boosters and characters to be faster and quicker. The game will surely improve your analyzation and observation skills along with your response timing. Get the coolest "JetPack" game and enjoy the unlimited fun with adventurous all around.!
We are constantly working hard on making this “Jetpack games” game better and more entertaining for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Jetpack games” game, do rate us on play store and share among your friends.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Roadkill is a new and most exciting endless road killing game on Google Playstore! You have the chance to collect rockets and shoot cars that are on your way. This is an endless game which means you can play as long as you want unless you’re killed. It’s a simple game but so addictive and challenging. Can you play and achieve High Score on the Leaderboard? Or are you stuck getting blown up as you crash on the car in front of you?
Road Killer is not your ordinary car or racing game. It’s not another boring traffic racing game. Rather it’s a unique game to let you unleash your pent up frustration against other drivers on the road. Control your car in this crowded road. Collects the rockets scattered on the road and shoot the cars in front of you. You do need to be careful. You need to avoid crashing to another car or you’ll end up dead and have to repeat the game from the start. 
 Extremely addictive road rage game. 
 Fast pace action full game. Focus or you’ll end up dead pretty fast. 
 Simple game to play with simple rule, but challenging to master. 
 Great 2D game graphic with cool looking cars. 
 Great sound effects and background music to accompany you playing. 
 Place yourself on our Leaderboard to show off your gaming skill
So, what are you waiting for? Download and play Roadkill now! We guarantee that you’ll get hooked playing this cool road rage game within minutes!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Monster Truck Addiction

In one of the most exciting truck simulator games, you will need to climb hills, drive through obstacles, and maintain the monster truck in control. It will be hard, trust us, because the monster truck is extremely powerful and hard to control. However, if you love monster truck games, you will enjoy every second of the game.
The game resembles a real truck simulator games gameplay and experience. It is one of those free monster truck games you’ll love to enjoy in every second of your free time. The reason for that is the realistic monster truck experience with tons of amazing graphics and upbeat gameplay. The sound effects are impeccable too.

This is not only a truck monster game. With our HD graphics, lovely sound effects and interesting gameplay, you will literally experience one of the best free truck driving games on Google Play. Climb the hill and control the truck, it will be hard at times, but you will have fun!
The graphics is stunning, so the obstacles you will face are also great and hard. The stones can destroy your movements and crush your monster truck so watch out. Learn the physics of the movements and what the stones exactly do.
- lovely, appealing graphics and gameplay
- easy controls
- unique and interesting physics of movement of the monster truck
- hard and challenging obstacles
- enjoyable, realistic truck driving
- great soundtrack and sound effects
Thrilling and addictive this is one of the most entertaining truck monster games you will play this year.
We challenge you to master one of the most challenging driving games.
Racing games on the hill with a truck is always fun!
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